What Inspires You and Me?

Inspiration is such a important part of why we create. It is so exciting to find inspiration in a piece of paper, a word or an experience. That spark that gets you working on a new project or helps you finish a longtime challenge is such a wonderful welcome. Even certain people can start your mind working faster than you can write everything down.

I work, sometimes tirelessly, to discover processes to steer me clear of a creative block. At times I wish I had someone to give me the answers, but that might have taken some of the fun out of it. And a good thing too because my imagination and creativity has become part of the process of making my art.

Here are a couple tips to get your creativity started:

Keep your mind open. Always keep your eyes and your mind open to discover the things that inspire you. You never really know where you might find something interesting.

Keep a visual journal. Try saving clippings, notes, and images that inspire you and keep them together in a journal or a box. Just reviewing your stash of goodies may start your mind wandering. You can even rearrange items as if creating layers in your work. Or think about saving them on your mobile device.

Always be prepared. Notes or messages to yourself can sometimes be a great tool, so keep a pencil and paper or your mobile device nearby to write them down.

If you put the pieces together from the above tips you might see the trend and the start of a process that may work for you. It is a start to a simple process, things that you can do even if you work a full time job and a life outside of art. After discovering what gets you going the next step is to start making appointments with yourself to allow time to create.

I hope I can help inspire your own creativity by sharing these bits of goodness, and by sharing information about people that inspire me.

-Amanda Krauss, Avian Artist

Amanda in the Studio Working in the Studio