Hansa Yellow – Color of the Day

What a bright cheery yellow and a bright cherry bird!  Hansa Yellow Opaque by Golden Paints is so fun!

"American Goldfinch" mixed media on canvas
“American Goldfinch” mixed media on canvas


Green Gold – Color of the Day

I love the color green gold that Golden Paint makes.  It works well as a complimentary color to many of the bright colors that I use in my birds.  Green gold in wikipedia discusses the naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver that creates a green gold.  In terms of creating this alloy, the maker uses gold, silver and adds cadmium to create that great green color.

"American Goldfinch" acrylic and collage on canvas
“American Goldfinch” acrylic and collage on canvas

Pyrrole Red Light – Color of the Day

I read somewhere that Pyrrole red came from the automobile industry, but I use it to create flashy artwork instead of paint flashy cars.

Pyrrole is great for lightfastness, does not fade much at all, and is a great mixing red when compared to cadmium colors.  I found some great technical information to share about the Golden Artist Color Pyrrole Red Light.

Mixed media on wood
“Common Raven” mixed media on wood


Teal – Color of the Day

Three on a Wire II.  Mixed media on canvas.
Three on a Wire II. Mixed media on canvas.

I love the color teal, it is such a happy cool color.  I find that I use it in a lot in my work.  What is your favorite color?

If you like technical information on this color, check out Golden Paint’s information page: http://www.goldenpaints.com//products/color/infopg.php?K=0002369