Bird Art Interview on SVOS Talk Art

My interview from March 1, 2012 at Silicon Valley Open Studios (SVOS) Talk Art by Sally Rayn.

Preparing for my interview was very different than any other art exhibit or event that I have ever prepared for, and boy I was so nervous. I had to pick the art for the set, practice talking about myself and learn all about being on screen, which included hair, makeup and wardrobe. But my favorite part was preparing the demonstration. It took me back to doing demonstrations in my art classes and workshops.

Before the interview I had applied a base layer of gesso and a couple of layers of acrylic and collage on the board. I then thought about what bird would come across in the work. After deciding on the Red-winged Blackbird I sketched it on the board over the layers. In the video I explain how I prepare my surfaces and add collage elements in my artwork, forward to minutes 10:45-18:25.

The finished painting that was worked on in the SVOS Talk Art interview.

Finally! This is the finished painting from my interview. As you can see it has changed a lot from a very pink background to now a shiny gold. It also has several interesting shapes and textures mimicking leaves. It is great to see how the interview really helps to show my process.

If you are not familiar with the Silicon Valley Open Studios, it is really a wonderful event for local artists and art lovers alike. It is an annual three weekend event in May where you can visit almost 400 Silicon Valley artists. And as an artist it is a unique opportunity to meet other local artists. For more information on SVOS visit or about Sally Rayn visit

-Amanda Krauss Avian Artist

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